We Help Skilling @ The Speed of Business

Leverage the benefits of learning curation, continuous assessment, expert intervention and competency mapping to accelerate skilling.

We Help Skilling @ The Speed of Business

Leverage the benefits of learning curation, continuous assessment, expert intervention and competency mapping to accelerate skilling.

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L&D leaders today face the following challenges

Provisioning the right content for business growth is a struggle.

Curating learning that imparts right skilling is difficult.

Assessing learning impact continuously is not easy.

Integrating experts into the learning cycle is problematic.

Mapping competency to changing business needs is tough.

Curated Learning

Move away from authoring content and become learning facilitators to be able to skill faster with the best suitable content.

  • We provide learning content based on your needs and an understanding of what your employees need to achieve business goals.

Continuous Assessment

Assess learning to evaluate progress and fine-tune content delivery depending on assessment data.

  • We provide different types of assessments integrated with learning content to help you review progress and to evaluate value of your learning.

Coaching Guidance

Close the learning gap by integrating coaching sessions that personalise training and help your learners acquire skills quickly.

  • We enable coaching sessions that are easy to access and assess. And close the learning gap by personalizing training where required.

Competency Mapping

Ensure continuous learning that is relevant to business needs.

  • We help you build learner competency based on reliable mapping by incorporating assessment of prior background of the learner to individual and career growth.

Benefits – Learnchain way

Cost Efficient

Be smart and switch to self learning:

Less expensive, faster time-to-market


Make your learning work for you:

White-label by adding logo, customize communications and tailor to fit your needs


Step up with ease:

Integrate with business ERP system and other software

User Friendly

Stop struggling to train:

Easy to configure and customize, more engaging than traditional training

Platform - Overview

  • Open Platform Approach – API Connect to third party providers
  • AI driven Content curation - for individualized course delivery
  • Micro coaching – ability to fix individual appointments with instructors & SMEs
  • Blockchain based learning and employment records

Demo - Videos

About Us

Learnchain - Management & Advisory Team

Suraj Mishra

Seasoned Board Member and CEO with 26+ years of experience in financial services in Asian and Middle Eastern markets. A sought after trainer and speaker, he seeks to inspire and to educate individuals to better understand asset management, wealth management, life insurance and financial products.

Krishnan Narayanan

Proven technology Leader with 27+ years of financial technology experience across Asia Pacific, leading and delivering complex IT systems and technology outsourcing for multi-nationals like Citi, Prudential and UBS. With extensive qualifications in all aspects of software lifecycle, he specializes in techno-functional training, sourcing consultancy and creating ready-for-business resourcing.

Ganapathy Subramanian

Leader with 29+ years of experience in Financial Technology for large banks like Citi, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Shinsei Bank as well as Senior business unit head roles in various IT firms. Well-versed  in various  aspects of IT such as Domain, Technology, Processes and Management, he specializes in developing business oriented technology & innovation capability for Banking & Financial Services.

Gunasekaran Natarajan

A Technology professional with over 30+ years experience in IT Dev/Support and Infrastructure Management. As senior technology leader in banks and IT firms, he was instrumental in defining & driving technology strategy, architecture and delivery for UBS, Standard Charted, OCBC Bank, Cold Storage Singapore etc. As a hands-on technical leader his expertise includes Java/J2EE, BI, Content Management, System and Database Admin. etc.

Shinobu Chibu

Operations and Technology Leader at Citibank Japan, for over 30+ years with extensive experience in new initiatives, new product rollouts, large platform deployments, operational efficiency, regionalization and globalization programs. He specializes in operational risk management and planning of new products and services. Shinobu Chibu has taken early retirement to promote emergent technology & effective offshoring initiatives.

Gayathri Dwaraknath

A Banking technology professional with 23+ years of experience in financial services in Asian, Europe and US markets. Previously working with Singapore Management University’s IS School as Senior Lecturer/ Adjunct faculty, she was involved in teaching their under-graduate and masters programs. Her focus areas are retail and corporate banking,with emphasis on product, process, technology, analytics and program/ project management.